At the Windrose Urban Farm, we have a singular focus: We seek to provide employment opportunities for individuals living with special needs in our community while growing high-quality food and garden products. We know that by giving employment to people with special needs, we will create jobs and provide fulfilling opportunities. In turn, we then hope to nurture compassion and understanding by exposing our community to individuals with disabilities. Our employees will work in either the warehouse/grow rooms at our urban farm in downtown Fort Wayne, run deliveries, or sell our products during the week and weekends at local farmers markets. Our goal is to ultimately have a permanent position at the new Electric Works facility.

Piece by piece, we seek to make the world a better place for all, regardless of disability. Unlike a typical nonprofit organization, Windrose Urban Farm is a sustainable business. Our operations do not rely solely on charitable donations, but rather generate revenue through the sale of delicious mushrooms, microgreens, and other products. We harness the power of business to supplement the education of and provide employment for people with disabilities in the Northeast Indiana region.

Want a tour of the facility? Just ask! We’re proud of our growing urban farm and want to educate our local community on the power of urban farming and creating jobs for people with disabilities.


Partnered with Ivy Tech’s Agriculture and Culinary programs, we provide paid internships and employment for students interested in working in a greenhouse/grow room environment.

PQC Vocational Rehab

Ivy Tech Agricultural Program

Ivy Tech Greenhouse Program