Have you ever thought about adding herbs into your landscaping? Some herbs can make very interesting, and edible additions. Many herbs are also perennial and very fragrant. They can be added in above ground planters or planted directly into the ground. If planted in the ground be sure to check how much they spread on their own. The mint family is especially prone to slowly taking over all the ground around it. You can prevent this by keeping it in a pot, either above ground, or digging a hole and placing the pot down in the soil with the bottom removed from the container. A large container like a round plastic tub 2 to 3 feet in diameter placed in the ground, with the bottom removed can be a good choice. If planted with several plants like sage to fill the entire area can give the look of a small bush with the benefit of being an aromatic and edible landscape choice and the plastic tub containing any spreading, and keeping a uniform shape..

-Chris K.

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