Did you know that all named types of apples are a clone from 1 original apple tree? If you plant an apple seed you never know what type might grow. Of the thousands of apple cultivars only around 3 will grow true to the parent from seed. The rest must be pollinated from another type of apple tree and therefore the seed contains genetic material from both parent trees. In comparison to humans with around 30,000 genes, apple trees contain around 57,000 genes.  The Granny Smith apple that you eat today came from a tree that is a clone of the original tree grown by Maria Ann (Granny) Smith of Australia in 1886. It was a chance seedling that sprouted where Maria dumped a bunch of crab apples along a creek. From that tree cuttings were taken and grafted onto other seedling trees (root stock trees) to produce exact copies (clones) of the original.

-Chris k.

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