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Monday Minute | 025

As the weather cools off soon the leaves will start to fall. Those leaves contain an amazing amount of nutrients that can be composted for the garden! It is such a shame to see all those piles of leaves along the streets in towns waiting to head to the landfill. Many people have seen the […]

Monday Minute | 024

As we approach the end of August it is time for the end of summer and labor day sales! This is a great time to start looking for deals on items for building new raised beds or finding cheap containers for next year. You can use most anything for a growing container outside so long […]

Monday Minute | 023

Have you ever thought about adding herbs into your landscaping? Some herbs can make very interesting, and edible additions. Many herbs are also perennial and very fragrant. They can be added in above ground planters or planted directly into the ground. If planted in the ground be sure to check how much they spread on […]

Monday Minute | 022

Many stores advertise ‘local’ food. Some consider local 300 or even 500 miles away. The Indiana Department of Agriculture wants to help you know where your food is grown and has started a free program for Indiana producers to use called “Indiana Grown”. Producers in Indiana can sign up for free and then use the […]

Monday Minute | 021

What is the difference between foods labeled Organic and those labeled Natural? If you are trying to avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and pesticides the only label that really tells you is the “USDA Organic” label. The word “Natural” is not regulated by the USDA nor the FDA. You can put it on anything you […]

Monday Minute | 020

Did you know every county in Indiana has an extension office? An extension office is an extension of the states land-grant university, which in Indiana is Purdue University. Purdue extension is a network of Purdue University experts who have been providing unbiased, research-based information for over 100 years. Most states have a land grant institution. […]

Monday Minute | 019

Watering tips for these hot days of summer. Even though we seem to be getting some rain in northeastern Indiana we haven’t had a good soaking rain in a while. The ground seems hard as a rock, and you may have noticed the corn leaves starting to curl up to retain moisture. Gardens are starting […]

Monday Minute | 018

As temperatures start to soar and heat indexes rise it is important that you remember to stay hydrated, especially when out in the sun or high humidity areas. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends that while doing moderate activities in moderate conditions a person should drink 1 cup of water every 15-20 […]

Monday Minute | 017

Here in Indiana, it is suspected that we may have only identified one third of all fungus that grows in the state. If you would like to do some citizen science and assist with adding to the data available there are 2 ways you can help. The first applies to anywhere in the world, and […]

Monday Minute | 016

It is not too late to still plant things this year. As we hit mid June summer squash, winter squash, pumpkins, beans, cucumbers, possibly corn for a late harvest will still be alright. July is usually just to hot for plants to start. But towards the end of July, beginning of August here in northern […]